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Skyrent helps you to find the best & appropriate/suitable place to stay in Udaipur, Kota, and Jaipur city. Skyrent provides hundreds of registered rental properties with advanced search which help to find next home become easier.

After lockdown, we are all concerned about coronavirus, keep social distancing, started less travel, and go outside. In this scenario, people shift their working place after unlocking cities people start searching house/room.

In this situation wandering street by street in search of accommodation without any guidance is just a waste of time and energy. At this time people also hesitate (not feel safe) to meet new people(many people come to visit the room then owner/agent and renters feel unsafe in corona period) so it’s a waste of time. It’s boring too. So this case some people contact brokers but most people can’t afford their charges, especially in this financial crisis. In this case, some people afford agents but then also they don’t have many options to select their future home so they have to compromise many essential facilities with high rent.

Skyrent understands that shift to a new unknown place/city and finds good accommodation with reasonable rent with needful facilities is quite difficult but in the corona pandemic, it’s just impossible.

Problems which are facing by both Owners/Agents and Renters:-

1. As we knew that many times property owners/Agents didn’t find good renters, and that time they have to compromise with rent which they are charging, and many other things too.  

2. Most of the time renters did not find proper accommodation so (after wondering in streets they get bored so) settled with fewer facilities with high rent, but if there is a choice available then they will definitely get a more facilitated home in that rent or same facility with less rent.

3. Sometimes houses are available for rent but owners didn’t find renters for many months because they don’t have a proper platform to list their property for rent where renters can contact them.

So after release all these problems on both ends we decided to come with a unique platform that will help both sides.

finally, we decided to come up with Skyrent platform that includes all services free to both tenants and renters i.e owners/agents can register their properties for sale or rent, submit PG/hostel for students, resort/pool owners can register without any charge. Students or people who looking for a rental property or PG/Hostel also can find properties free of cost. Skyrent is a platform where you can find the best & appropriate accommodation very easily with few clicks.

Why choose us-
  1. No brokerage charge from renters

  2. No commission in PG/ hostel from both ends

  3. No charge to find a resort/ pool on Skyrent

  4. Skyrent gives you full detail of the property with photos so you can find the most suitable house/room without visiting every site.

  5. Skyrent provides an advanced filter to search more effectively with less time 

  6. We are giving a free consulting service to find a suitable room/house for you

  7. Rent and charge are reasonable

We provide services for both ends whom want to give properties for rent or sale, and looking for it.

These categories can be submit here

1. House or Apartment for rent
2. House or Apartment for sale
3. Single Room for rent
4. PG/hostel for Students or Jobers
5. Resorts/Pool for Party and Stay
6. Rooms for Home Stay


 1. PG/Hostel- 

A PG/hostel is home for most students, who relocates to another city for study or a person who can’t afford house/flat rent with separate food expensive. When a student shift to a new city parents always been worried about his/her new accommodation facilities and food issues. Parents can easily find the best for their kids so we come with the top PG/Hostel with their great amenities and facilities in these cities to ensure that students can choose their new home wisely from many option with various facilities and photos of PG/Hostel. Sometimes parents or students have concerns cause of previous bad experiences so we ensure that you get all detailed information, location, food services, and other facilities with photos.


 2. House/ Rooms-

There are many different types of rental properties available for you, like flat/ Apartment, single room, 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3 BHK houses with various configurations in most areas of your favorite cities. We provide an advanced search option to select your next home more easily. Your future home is just a few clicks away so let’s find it together/ explore together/ explore your new city.


3. Resorts/pools-

The Lake city is the most attractive travel destination in India as well as for foreign travelers. After lockdown, when re-opened this beautiful city many tourists are planning to come(spend time) here with their family and friends on weekends or holidays. On weekends most people prefer to enjoy at a resort with pool party so here we provide you with some most beautiful resorts to stay and party with friends. We ensure that you get beautiful photos with full details of the resort and contact details resort to book in advance for next weekend or holiday.


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Om Prakash Jakhar

Founder & CEO
Industrial Engineering (M.Tech)
Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech), MPUAT

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Arvind Parmar

SEO Head
Computer Science Engineering, MPUAT

Sourabh Solanki

Mechanical Enginnering(B. Tech), MPUAT

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