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Guide to submit property in Udaipur, jodhpur, kota and jaipur. add or list property for rent or sell out.

Given article “Guide to submit properties” is basically a guide for people who face difficulties to submit properties on our website. so we try to explain things and some tips regarding listing properties so they can easily submit or add properties to list their house, flat, and apartment for give on rent or want to sell and looking for potential tenants or buyers. We do not charge any brokerage, in case you have any issues then you can directly call us at +91-8619705146.

Skyrent is well known rental service provider company based in Udaipur, get potential tenants or buyers without paying any brokerage from Skyrent rental services in Udaipur, Jaipur, Kota, and Jodhpur. Rent your property in an easy way. Let’s submit your property for sale or rent as soon as possible.

Guide to Submit properties: List your property for rent and sell


list your property to get tenants, submit your properties

On the home page of Skyrent click on the login/sign up symbol for the first login with an email address and name.


Guide to submit properties, list your property on rent

Log in with you your registered Email id and password, then in the account setting you can update your details and social profile like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It’s necessary to make your id on Skyrent to list or add your property on our website for free. That’s why we write this article “guide to submit properties”.

Step3: Guide to submit properties

list my property to get tenants, guide to submit propertoes

guide to submit properties- list your property on skyrent

For Submit new properties you can go directly from the home menu page – click on submit property page and you can add properties from profile features too

Step4: list your property

Add your property: Guide to submit properties, rent your properties

First need to give your properties a title i.e. 2BHK house in Udaipur, Single room with kitchen in Bohra Ganesh area, Latest 1BHK furnished flat at university road, etc

Step5: Guide to Submit Properties

Second, you have to give an overview of your property. In the overview, you can give information about the facilities that you are providing i.e. amenities, advance payment, nearby facilities, details of facilities, or details of building in case of property for sale. Follow the steps of the article guide to submit properties.

  1. In-resort/pool submission owner can mention the time duration for a pool party, facilities like starter, drinks, timing, food plate items, pool size with the highest depth (50*30*6 feet^3), and room charge for stay, etc
    2. In hostels/PG’s submission, you can add all facilities of your accommodation with food facilities, details of facilities, total no of seats currently available, security, etc

Step6: Add properties for rent out 

In next step owner need to mention key details

rent your properties: Guide to list your properties

i.e. category(sale/rent/resort/PG’s), type(room/resort/hostel/house), available for family or students, parking space,  total no of rooms, beds and tables, etc.

Step7: Guide to submit properties 

Guide to submit properties- List your property to find tenants, rent properties

In this step click yes or not on some amenities like Balcony, Internet/wi-fi, elevator, water supply 24*7, Security CCTV, AC/Cooler, etc

Step8: Add or list your properties

  1. You have to Upload photos of your properties. you can upload a maximum of 10 photos of each property. In those photos room interior, the outlook of the building, kitchen, bedroom, hall, and bathroom photos should include because these things improve your property rank on the website.
  2. Hostel/zostel owners need to upload photos of the pool, stay room, food plates, outer view of the resort, and some pictures of your zostel that you want to show to customers.
  3. Hostel/PG owner can upload photos of the Inner look of rooms, bathroom, outer view of hostel/PG, mess/dining hall and food plates, breakfast plate, and sports facilities if have. comment if you have any doubt regarding guide to submit properties.

Step9: List or add property

Owner/Agents can avoid virtual tours, video upload steps, and floor plans if they are not listing a property for sale.
Owner who wants to sell their properties can upload floor plans of buildings or plots to attract visitors to buy your properties. It gives them an idea of how’s your house looking to buyers and Is the property for which they are looking?


guide to submit properties in udaipur- list/add your properties on skyrent and get instant tenants

In this step, you have to submit main details( top left side column in the PC version) i.e. rent or charge or price of the property, in the label you to write per month for rental/PG’s, per day for resorts/pool and the total amount for a property on sale.
further, write down the number of total bedrooms and bathrooms in respective columns. the total area of your property like room size is 100sqft, house size is 500 sqft, hostel/PG room size like 100 sqft. comment us after read full article guide to submit properties.

Step11: a guide to submit properties

In this step fill your address in the given format to attract your customers who are looking for your area/city.
City and address must be filled in to identify your location

Step12: Add your property

Finally, you need to overview all details of your property before final submission, then click submit option( left to the top page, along with the property title column in the PC version)

guide to submit properties- best way to add rent/sale properties in udaipur

-In the Mobile phone website Publish property option after photo gallery and before main details of price and location of properties. after complete completing process write comment on article guide to submit properties that how was your experience.


guide to submit properties- best way to get tenants without pay brokerage

After property submission, you can see all your properties in your profile. In your profile click on the My properties feature you will see all submitted properties with three functions Edit property, see an overview of property (how your ad looks to the visitors), and delete your property from Skyrent. list your property on skyrent to get tenants- guide to submit properties

  1. In the Edit function, you can Update/edit details of property like property titleavailability (previously available but now filled so change available to not available, contact for availability, etc), available for( all, family, students, boys, girls), Update Rent ( In the case now you decrease or increase rent or price of the property so you need to update it) and upload more photos or delete some previous pics.
  2. In the Overview, you can see how your property will look to the visitors/ property seekers. in case you want some changes after seeing the overview then you update the property from the edit function.
  3. In the delete function, you can delete your submitted property after sold your properties or closing for rental service, etc


Share the website link or article “guide to submit properties” who want tenants but do not find or don’t want to pay brokerage. give them our number or website link.

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