Top 10 Best Areas to Stay in Udaipur


best areas to stay in Udaipur

If you are looking to shift to Udaipur definitely need to know about the Best Areas to Stay in Udaipur. Lake city is undoubtedly a beautiful city surrounded by hills and lakes which attracts millions of tourists over the years. 

The city of Udaipur has been ranked among the world’s most beautiful cities by Travel + living. Udaipur, the heritage city built by the Maharana of Mewar in the 16-18th century, is in third place among the 15 of the world’s best cities in the 2020 ranking. Udaipur has the highest number of 7-star hotels anywhere in the world that’s why the world’s most expensive weddings are arranged here. Every traveler has a dream to come to Udaipur once at least.

This place is also known as the city of lakes, Udaipur always mesmerizes you with its thirst-quenching lakes and Ghats. This is the reason for people’s long stay in Udaipur. That’s why we have come up with the best areas to stay in Udaipur list so you can select the best one for you. 

Besides lakes, Udaipur is also known for its historic forts and palaces, museums, art galleries, mountain locations with beautiful waterfalls and small island gardens, Rajputana architectural temples, as well as traditional fairs, festivals, and manmade lakes. Udaipur has beautiful sunset point views, trekking mountains, and seasonal places to visit.

The trip to Udaipur becomes more enlivening if you visit it during the rainy season as it opens more options to visit Udaipur as well as nearby places. And if you are new to Udaipur then Near by lakes will be the best areas to stay in Udaipur.

If you are a student, employee, or tourist in Udaipur then the list will change according to your priorities. Here, we will share some most discovered areas of Udaipur for you so if you are looking to rent or buy a home for your family these areas will be the best areas to stay in Udaipur.

Here, we provide a list of the best areas to stay in Udaipur.

  1. Hiran Magri (Sector 3 & 4) 
  2. Fatehpura 
  3. Shobhagpura 
  4. Bhopalpura 
  5. Bohra Ganeshji 
  6. Pratap Nagar And Old RTO
  7. Old City 
  8. Hathi Pole 
  9. Malla Thalai  
  10. Chetak Circle 

Hiran Magri – Student’s Favorite area to stay in Udaipur 

best areas to live in Udaipur,best localities to stay in Udaipur

Hiran Magri is the largest residential area of Udaipur and home to thousands of people. Hiran Magri is divided into sectors 3 to sector14. if you are a student in school and doing coaching then Hiran Magri sector 3 &4 will be best areas for you. This area will provide all facilities that a student wants like a school, coaching, transport options, and PGs to live. It looks like a mini-Kota in Udaipur that’s why most of the school students live here. The sector area is very peaceful, have easy excess to transport, and has all the essential facilities to live there.

Fatehpura Udaipur

Best areas to stay in udaipur, top localities to live in Udaipur

This one is the best location to find accommodation somewhere near Fateh Sagar Lake. The calm atmosphere and cool breeze will soothe your soul and you can enjoy the boat ride and cycling at rani road or walk along ghat. You can travel to other famous destinations like Pratap Gaurav Kendra, shilpgram, monsoon palace Sajjangarh, and Badi lake easily from here. There are many famous areas near Fatehpura locations i.e. Bhuwana, Bhopalpura, Badgoan, chetak circle, RK circle, UIT circle, and Saheli Nagar for buy/rent houses. 

If you have a shop or a local business, and a job in Udaipur’s new market near Surajpole or have a job in the main market then it will best areas to live in Udaipur. 

Sobhagpura – Best areas to stay in Udaipur


top localities to live in udaipur

If you looking to live in a peaceful and newly developed VIP area then Sobhagpura & Keshav Nagar areas will be the best option for you. This location has easy access to transport (via Sobhagpura circle) and a direct connection to 100 feet road so you can get access to all facilities. Bhopalpura, new Bhopalpura, Keshav Nagar, old RTO road, and Bhuwana are some famous localities that are very near Sobhagpura. Celebration mall and 100 feet of famous fast food, lake city mall area is very near Sobhagpura so if you love shopping or fast food lover then you can buy or rent a house in this area. This area is considered one of the best areas to stay in Udaipur for locals. 

Bhopalpura – Top areas to stay in Udaipur

Best araes to stay in udaipur, bhopalpura- lake city  udaipur

This colony is located near Sobhagpura, the Shastri circle area, and the city palace. Bhopalpura area is basically the locality of the brahmin and Jain families. The Bhopalpura area is divided into two parts new and old Bhopalpura. This location is near the court circle, MB hospital, and city palace(Ashok Nagar) area which provided all basic facilities.

Pratap Nagar & Old RTO

best localities to stay in udaipur, best araes to live in udaipur, pratap nagar-udaipur

If you are a student in the Pacific, MLSU, CTAE, and GITS then Pratap Nagar and the old transport Nagar area is the perfect location to live because it’s very near to all colleges and direct transport to college. here you can get public transport to reach every point of the city and it’s very near to Pratap Nagar railway station.

Bohra Ganeshji – Best areas to stay in Udaipur

Best araes to stay in Udaipur for students, best place to live for students

This is a prime location for MLSU and MPUAT students to live because it’s the most nearby location to reach both universities and here you can get every type of basic facility. Here are hostels, PG, and rooms on rent easily available so no need to worry. This is among the best areas to stay in Udaipur for students. 

If you are a traveler or tourist in Udaipur:

The best areas to stay in Udaipur comprise an array of heritage, Haveli, homestays, hostels, and palace-turned-hotels that have been delivering unsurpassable hospitality. Starting plush hospitality brands like The Leela, The Lalit, and Ummed Bhawan managed by Taj Hotels are some of the top luxury hotels that cater to the best experiences of the guests. End the stress of finding the best area to stay in Udaipur and head on to book a stay as per your budget. You can also book your stays at the location from where you can wake up to the magnificent views of the lakes here.

Enjoy great amenities, and delicious cuisine and tour the nearby tourist attractions like City Palace, Jagmandir, and more all mentioned in your bucket list for the Udaipur trip.

Old city ( Near Jagdish temple), Udaipur

best araes to stay in udaipur, best araes to live in udaipur

Jagdish Chowk, the junction in front of the landmark Jagdish temple, is the hub of Udaipur’s tourist activities. Maharana Jagat Singh built the temple close to the city palace in the Old City during his reign in the 17th century. It’s dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Vishnu (the preserver of the universe) and is the largest temple in the city. This place is very close to Gangaur ghat, the famous city palace, lake city hotel, Leela Palace, and Pichola lake so you can enjoy sunset and morning sunrise view with beautiful lake views. This place is where most foreign travelers stay so you also can enjoy time with them. That’s why the place is the top destination for travelers and the top among the best areas to stay in Udaipur

Here you can find Every type of hotel to stay in according to your budget. if you love to explore and are curious to know about the culture and heritage of the city, then this is the perfect zone for you to stay in. The narrow alleys, colorful shops, and the hustle-bustle are an altogether different experience that makes you feel the vibe of the old city of Udaipur. 

Near Fatehsagar lake

best araes to stay and live in udaipur, fateh sagar udaipur

This one is the best location to find accommodation somewhere near Fateh Sagar Lake. The calm atmosphere and cool breeze will soothe your soul and you can enjoy the boat ride and do cycling at rani road or walk along ghat. You can travel to other famous destinations like Pratap Gaurav Kendra, ship gram, monsoon palace Sajjangarh, and Badi lake easily from here. This large and picturesque lake was built by Maharana Fateh Singh in the late 19th century after the original one, made by Maharana Jai Singh in the late 17th century, was damaged by flood. Fateh Sagar is enclosed by hills, so the area is ideal for those who’d prefer to be closer to nature than the city center. This makes the location to best areas to stay in Udaipur for travelers. Boating is a popular activity, and it’s possible to take a boat ride out to Nehru Park, located on an island in the middle of the lake. Many other parks and gardens surround the water, including Saheliyon-ki-Bari park, established for the royal ladies in the early 18th century. There’s also a park dedicated to heroic ruler Maharana Pratap on Moti Magri hill known as Pratap Gaurav Kendra.

Near Lake Pichola – Best areas to stay in Udaipur

best localities to live in udaipur, Udaipur top localities

Last but not least, the most favorite destination of tourists, Lake Pichola is famous for innumerable reasons. Pichola lake area is surrounded by a budget to luxurious, all kinds of accommodation suitable for both domestic and international tourists. One can simply view the sunset, do photography and enjoy a boat ride. This famous lake was made in 1362 for freshwater storage. here, you can enjoy boating as well as the Karni Mata temple ropeway with an amazing view

Near Hathi Pole

best places to stay/live in udaipur, best areas to live  in udaipur

Hathipol, located in north of the clock tower, is one of the remaining gates into the Old City. It’s possible that the kingdom’s elephants were once housed here, giving rise to the name hathi (elephant) pol (gate). This neighborhood is where to shop for souvenirs without the inflated prices of Jagdish Chowk, the market is frequented by locals and Indian tourists more so than foreigners but has the same variety of products. Note that while vendors charge less, they are also less open to heavy bargaining. here you can buy a variety of traditional and handloom products likeBlock-printed fabrics, textiles, colorful wooden handicrafts, traditional footwear, Rajasthani miniature paintings, costume jewelry, and home furnishings. Do note that most shops are closed on Sunday afternoons.

Delhi Gate Area, Udaipur

best areas to stay in Udaipur- best market to shop delhi gate lake city

To the east of the clock tower, Delhi gate area is a fascinating Old City neighborhood with wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, a spice market, tea market, and a community of traditional bamboo basket weavers. The market area around Teej ka Chowk is where you’ll find most of them, though there’s another vegetable market not far away at Anjuman Chowk. Explore the streets for a captivating peek into daily life!

Mulla Thalai – Best areas to stay in Udaipur

malla thalai- best araes to stay in Udaipur the lake city

Apart from its exquisite beauty and marvelous history, one thing that attracts tourists from all over the world to this city is its luxurious and larger-than-life hotels, out of which some of them are located at Hari Das Ji Ki Magri. So, if you want to visit these illustrious hotels and experience their royal hospitality then you must choose your accommodation in this area.

Chetak Circle Area – Udaipur

best araes to stay in Udaipur and top localities in city to buy and rent properties.

Continue north of Hathi pole and you’ll reach Chetak Circle in the new part of the city, easily identified by the large white statue of Chetak (erstwhile ruler Maharana Pratap’s beloved horse) in the middle of the roundabout. This commercial neighborhood draws hungry hordes to its street food stalls and sweet shops. There’s an entire row of stalls devoted to bhurji, the Indian version of scrambled eggs. The Egg World is the most famous one; its owner, Jay Kumar, has even been on MasterChef India. 

Review of other factors to find best areas to stay in Udaipur:

  1. Weather – One of the most pleasant in Rajasthan hence a major attraction among tourists. You can’t get better weather than Udaipur in winter and rainy season it looks like heaven.
  2. Hospitality– Due to the developed tourism sector and being a center as a tourism hub people of Udaipur do understand the hospitality values. There are rare cases where some big negative news about Udaipur as far as tourism is concerned. Choose a suitable place from the list of best areas to stay in Udaipur so you can best hospitality.
    Industries – Industries like marble and mineral provide growth to the local economy. However, tourism is the most acknowledged source of income.
  3. Health Care – Best health care facility in south Rajasthan including Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Banswara, Dungarpur, Rajsamand, and Sirohi. Govt, as well as some big private players, make it more demanding in the recent past.
  4. Education – Udaipur has a strong educational infrastructure for higher education.  That’s how the best areas to stay in Udaipur list helps you to choose area which helps to find the best school or college for you or your kids. MLSU and some private universities are headquartered in Udaipur. Udaipur has the best Asian and India’s top school chain like kid zee, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Stanvard Sr sec school, seedling modern, Shemford Futuristic, MDS, DPS, and many more best schools of India.

We hope that our blog Top 10 Best areas to stay in Udaipur will help you to find out the better areas according to your requirements and suitability. If you need any other inquiries then you can comment below. We will reach you and try our best to help you. 

Comment which is your favorite area to live in Udaipur.

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